Why buy from us

Why buy from us?

Since 1972, Cuir Dimitri's has been keen to detail and precision by the beloved family business based in Montreal. The specialists forming part of the operations are proud of the knowledge and passion while maintaining a sharp eye on the new trends. This is one of the main reason it allowed us to stay tall in this industry. In 2014, Cuir Dimitri Leather launched his signature label D-Brand Canada giving the brand a way to share his passion and premium products to the whole world!

Eco-friendly Materials & Workshops

Our great experience and attention to details allow us to be fully aware of the impact that our products and processes have on the environment. That's why we are proud to work with the highest quality of Turkish leather available. Our raw material are by-products of the food industry allowing us to use materials that would have been otherwise eliminated. We are then fully engaged, to respect and go beyond the norms of the industry and environmental regulations with not only our products but also on our well managed factory.

Fully customizable products and personalized experience

  • Exclusive leather and suede material maintenance
  • Flexible adjustments and repairs on all products
  • 1 year warranty on all our products
  • Cleaning service

Our Leather

This leather finish is the most used by producers. With a surface treatment of the skin, this finish allows a leather smooth and silky. The Nappa leather as the attribute of resisting well to the sun rays and severe weather.

This type of leather finish is obtained after receiving water and enzymes treatment. The finish look will give an aspect "vintage".

This leather is given his colour by immersion. Only the skins of high quality are given this kind of treatment. This leather is flexible, lightweight and allow to create premium style of leather.  

These types of materials are created with vegetable extracts (wood, recycled cardboard or bark) and not from chrome (done with mineral tanning). This product is 100% biological.


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